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                    Atyrac’s mining equipment went abroad to France

                    During the Awakening of Insects, when everything comes to life and the earth warms up, the production scene in Atarac’s workshop is orderly. Although the epidemic was still continuing, Atarac, after receiving the notice to resume work, worked with one…
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                    ATARAC reinvented himself

                    2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year! After going through the New Coronavirus, our country has overcome many difficulties and has taken a series of positive measures to make our country recover quickly in this epidemic situation. Facts have…
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                    France 1000t/h limestone crushing processing system

                    This project is located in the east of France to produce **** aggregate coarse crushing processing system. The process and equipment of the coarse crushing system, modular raw material warehouse structure parts, modular equipment structure platform have been designed and…
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